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Using the very latest manufacturing methodologies, Sellectronics provide flexible turnkey assembly solutions to niche and high reliability sectors.

Engineering is key to every opportunity that presents itself to Sellectronics. Having a multi- skilled and flexible engineering team from the top-down has proven best in our class for technology & electronic manufacturing practices, ensuring a clear route to market & our quality of finished product is “Our Best Business Plan”.

If you’re too busy to read through the whole website, this video useful as an introduction to the expertise, quality, service and reliability that Sellectronics has to offer.

PCB Prototyping

Sellectronics has a dedicated manufacturing cell & operations team that is focussed on supporting Rapid Prototyping, New Product Introduction (NPI) and quick-turn requirements of leading-edge Surface Mount (SMT) & Plated Thru Hole (PTH) Technologies.

PCB Assembly

Sellectronics believe that conventional PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Assembly, while dated, will never be replaced entirely by Surface Mount Technology. We offer the alternative assembly solution as it is the tried and trusted method for many electronic engineers and industries.

Full Product Build

Sellectronics has the manufacturing equipment and capabilities to carry out box build assembly contract manufacturing services.

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We are passionate about electronic engineering but don't take our word for it

Mannavibes Inc is a California Silicon Valley based company with a revolutionary health app product.

Our frequency emitter applicator is a delicate part of our system and Sellectronics Ltd was recommended to us by one of our UK based team members.
We previously manufactured the unit here in Silicon Valley.

We placed our order pre Covid with Sellectronics and while we encountered some delay the professionalism of Sellectronics to keep us updated on the situation and progress was highly appreciated. The communication on all fronts was top notch from suggesting changes to the PCB lay-out, to requesting the test procedures.

Above all, the workmanship of the final assembled product was incredible, considering that this product is all made by hand, the units we received all looked the same, perfect soldering, all within the claim of space we needed to do our final integration.

Outstanding work by Sellectronics Ltd and we would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Francis Hochstenbach - Founder & CEO of Mannavibes Inc

We have been using Sellectronics as one of our main suppliers over the last 10 years. In all this time they have always delivered reliable and good quality products. They not only supply us with production PCBs, but they are also very good at producing prototype quantities with very quick turnaround which suits our highly demanding R&D department. The support we get from their team is great and the fact that they are local to us makes everything easier when we require help urgently.

Will Thalliens - Principal Electronics Engineer

When I was introduced to Sellectronics a few years ago by a colleague of mine, I was told that they are going to be your best manufacturing partner and this has proven be absolutely true. I remember that at my first meeting with Graham Tonkin he said “our quality is second to none” and after they manufactured a number of PCBs for us I cannot agree more with this statement. Sellectronics have impressed me not only with their outstanding technical and manufacturing capabilities but more importantly by how much they care about their customers’ and their specific needs. The management team at Sellectronics have demonstrated a genuine interest in our business and provided us with endless support.  

Mohammad Abusara - Managing Director


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