When I started my business, my number one aim was to manufacture within the UK, so it was doubly satisfying to find such an excellent company only a few short miles away.

They not only offer fast, competitive quotation and realistic lead-times, but their PCB assembly quality is as good as any I’ve encountered in the industry.

Sellectronics have become a key component in the future growth of my company, and their fast, friendly communication makes them a pleasure to deal with.

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Antech Ltd has been using Sellectronics Ltd for PCB procurement and assembly since the beginning of 2014. We have been particularly impressed with their knowledge and expertise in assemblies for high temperature, which has been very helpful for the specific projects we have been working on.

In short, Sellectronics provide an efficient and quality service, with good customer service, feedback and advice.


Thank you for showing me round your facility, I have been working in the electronics industry for over 40 years but have not kept up with the latest production techniques, your setup is AMAZING. It is heartening to know that this technology and manufacturing ability is being re-established in the UK since I have found that getting small batches of cards made in the UK has been a close to impossible since the early 90’s.