Sellectronics Ltd – We’re Expanding! (part 1)

Great News!

At Sellectronics Ltd we are expanding our premises and almost doubling our footprint/capacity as we take over unit 7B next door.

The business saw growth of over 80% last year, and has continued to grow year on year, but floor-space was becoming an issue, until ABB in unit 7B decided to pack up and move out. Both Dean & Jason jumped at the opportunity to take on this other unit, securing the site and the future of the business for the coming years.

Unit 7B now ready for us to move into, complete with anti-static flooring through out, and the building work completed to the high standard as you would come to expect from Sellectronics.

New Test, Stores and General assembly are now completed and slowly moving in 🙂

Please feel free to make an appointment to pop on in and view how the business has changed over the last 18 months or so……..