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Moisture Sensitive Devices: Everything You Need to Know

While electronic devices continue to advance, in terms of technology and miniaturisation, new challenges emerge for manufacturers when it comes to assuring the reliability of printed circuit boards. One of the biggest threats to PCBs is moisture. This doesn’t mean dropping a mobile phone in the bath. Far more subtle, this kind of damage relates […]

Electronics’ Speed Limit

Mention the term “speed limit” and most people think of a moving car, but did you know electronics also have a speed limit? Thanks to advances in technology, 21st-century electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones are faster than ever before. Yet despite technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, the speed of electronics […]

The Global Chip Shortage Explained


Vital for creating integrated circuits, known as microchips, for many different industries; almost every electronic digital device is powered by semiconductors containing silicon. Cars use integrated circuits for functions such as assisted parking, digital displays and entertainment systems. The semiconductor chips are also crucial for everyday appliances. They enable the communication systems, computers and applications […]

The History of Surface Mount Technology

The History of Surface Mount Technology

An increasing number of manufacturers are embracing surface mount technology (SMT) in the assembly of printed circuit boards. The growth of SMT began in the 1980s, although the technique had been around for two decades prior to this. SMT is a process of mounting electrical components directly onto the printed circuit board’s surface. A component […]

The Importance of Electronics in Modern Medicine

The Importance of Electronics in Modern Medicine

The medical sector has become increasingly advanced over the years, with state-of-the-art electronics and related technology playing a vital role in the continued evolution of both medicine and equipment. The electronics revolution has touched almost every process that is a part of modern medicine. Printed circuit boards are critical in modern medicine and healthcare because […]

How do Printed Circuit Boards Work?

Printed circuit board

The technological revolution in modern times has shaped every aspect of how we live – and nothing more so than the tiny, yet vital printed circuit board. It is at the heart of every electronic device and plays a crucial role in just about every industry. A printed circuit board has electrically conductive pathways, known […]

The History of Printed Circuit Boards

Circuit Board

Printed circuit boards are a crucial part of every computer and digital device in the world today. Available to suit a huge range of electronic applications, PCBs impact just about every aspect of our life, as a result of the 21st century boom in computer and electronics technology. Operating inside your laptop as you type, […]