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Mannavibes Inc contacted Sellectronics Ltd after being recommended by a current customer. The product was still in early stages of development and with the support of the engineering team here in Falmouth, we helped to develop the product and produce a few prototypes - which passed with flying colours.

We then went on to produce the first batch of 500 off units, along with the complete box build and final assembly. Due to the very tiny proportions, some very skilled labour was required to solder/build the units.

Client Testimonial

"Mannavibes Inc is a California Silicon Valley based company with a revolutionary health app product. Our frequency emitter applicator is a delicate part of our system and Sellectronics Ltd was recommended to us by one of our UK based team members. We previously manufactured the unit here in Silicon Valley. We placed our order pre Covid with Sellectronics and while we encountered some delay the professionalism of Sellectronics to keep us updated on the situation and progress was highly appreciated. The communication on all fronts was top notch from suggesting changes to the PCB lay-out, to requesting the test procedures. Above all, the workmanship of the final assembled product was incredible, considering that this product is all made by hand, the units we received all looked the same, perfect soldering, all within the claim of space we needed to do our final integration. Outstanding work by Sellectronics Ltd and we would not hesitate to recommend to others. "

Francis Hochstenbach - Founder & CEO of Mannavibes Inc


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