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As a long-term, well-established customer for over 10 years; we started manufacturing RI PCBAs when the company itself had only just started producing their own product. Today, we manufacture 50 plus different items for them - ranging from simple, single-sided SMT, to complex double-sided alternatives with very fine pitch devices and from a very tiny board to other examples over 610mm x 441mm.

Recent supply issues on STM32 devices have caused a few issues, but we’ve managed to maintain the supply and keep deliveries up to date.

Indeed, this is a great business relationship between two forward-thinking companies.

Client Testimonial

"We have been using Sellectronics as one of our main suppliers over the last 10 years. In all this time they have always delivered reliable and good quality products. They not only supply us with production PCBs, but they are also very good at producing prototype quantities with very quick turnaround which suits our highly demanding R&D department. The support we get from their team is great and the fact that they are local to us makes everything easier when we require help urgently."

Research Instruments - Will Thalliens - Principal Electronics Engineer


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