Supplying products and services to a market quickly, in line with ever-changing customer needs.

The fast-moving Instrumentation market demands electronics that can be brought to market both rapidly and cost-effectively, making Sellectronics an excellent partner for your assembly requirements.

Time-to-market and fast-track procurement are essential as PCBA’s continue to develop at an exponential rate with weight and size being a key objective. The need for a supplier with the very latest placement technologies become particularly important. Sellectronics has been working with 01005 and uBGA devices for a number of years, with near-perfect processing and consistently high yields.

Sellectronics Ltd is able to offer a totally seamless solution in support of your development. In particular, Sellectronics’ extensive assembly integration & test facilities make it a natural partner in this sector.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. Sellectronics welcomes you to visit us, see the facilities and have the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail.

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