The requirements of offshore/Downhole electronics for the Oil & Gas Industry are very demanding. As a long-time Oil & Gas electronics company, Sellectronics Ltd has the experience with high reliability electronics, which will meet those stringent requirements.

As a leader in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBs) for harsh environments and high quality build standards, Sellectronics is always ahead of rest of the field.

Quality, service and reliability count for everything within this market sector, and Sellectronics believes that it can support and service customers with high precision components, soldering and many other electronics support services.

Testimonials from our customers

  • Antech Ltd has been using Sellectronics Ltd for PCB procurement and assembly since the beginning of 2014. We have been particularly impressed with their knowledge and expertise in assemblies for high temperature, which has been very helpful for the specific projects we have been working on.

    In short, Sellectronics provide an efficient and quality service, with good customer service, feedback and advice.

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