Sellectronics Ltd – Introduce “Factory Logix (NPI) Aegis Software

With the continued growth, development and expansion of Sellectronics Ltd, both Dean Haney & Jason O’Connell continue to reinvest into the business with the introduction of “Factory Logix” NPI software from Aegis.

The software is an adaptive framework of manufacturing operations, offering us fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem. It will improved an already streamlined system and help reduce engineering time and reduce NRE costs back to the end customer.

With our eyes firmly fixed on 2015/16 we aim to continue to develop the business and become a major player within the electronic manufacture sector. Sellectronics has such an fantastic name on the market place for build quality of products, meeting the latest IPC standards and customer requirements, now’s the time for our internal system to add improvement too.