Sellectronics Ltd – NC25 PCB Cleaning Equipment

Sellectronics Ltd are proud to announce the new arrival of our NC25 PCB Cleaning equipment from MB Tech.

With our work load increasing in the Aerospace & Defence/Oil & Gas sectors and the demand required to clean PCB’s, both Dean Haney and Jason O’Connell have reinvested once again in the business with a state-of-the-art PCB cleaning system.

In order to meet your high quality PCB cleaning requirements after reflow or even on misprinted board, the PCB cleaner NC25 is an efficient and innovative solution.

Specially designed around a patented filtration system providing high cleaning performance, PCBs are first immersed in a washing tank where they undergo the combine action of vertical shaking and a turbulent bubbly air flow that allows reaching a high efficiency level. Boards are then transferred in 2 stages of DI Water rinsing and are finally dried during a unique process combining forced convection and vacuum.

The use of an aqueous product (No flash point, low VOC content) that makes it possible to separate the residues, ensuring a 100% closed loop cleaning process to meet today’s economic and environmental demands, Nevertheless, this equipment has been qualified to use semi water based cleaner for specific applications.

efficiency, economy, environment : 3e