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Conventional Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

When your product requires stronger connections between layers and higher heat endurance than Surface Mount Technology can provide, Sellectronics offers Plated Through-Hole mounting to suit every application.

Our conventional printed circuit board (PCB) assembly is frequently used to meet applications with high-reliability requirements. This can include the aerospace industry, the military, and power electronics that generate a lot of heat.

Through-Hole technology remains an effective method of PCB assembly but requires a more laborious assembly process to provide stronger mechanical bonds. This makes the boards more expensive to produce.

Conventional Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly


Our printed circuit board services

Component leads are inserted through the holes and cropped. The component leads may have to be pre-formed, while solder-tacking or bending the component legs may be necessary during soldering.

While the majority of our work today is carried out through Surface Mount Technology, we also cater for clients who need conventional electronic assemblies.

To carry out assembly using PTH technology, we use the latest machinery for wave-soldering to produce RoHS-compliant products, supported by our Blundell Crop-matic. This enables us to produce PTH PCBs with various lead lengths to suit bespoke requirements.


Tried and trusted

Sellectronics believes conventional PCB assembly will never be fully replaced by Surface Mount Technology. We provide this traditional assembly solution because it is a tried and trusted method for many electronic engineers and industries.

Surface Mount Technology is the most commonly used PCB assembly process today, but Through-Hole assembly is still prevalent for larger electronic components.

Through-Hole assembly enables a more robust and durable mechanical bond between the circuit board and the application. This method is ideal for:

  • Applications that are subject to high stress levels
  • Applications operating at extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • High-speed applications
  • Applications operating in high voltage conditions
  • Fast and straightforward prototyping

Working closely with our clients to achieve their goals; our qualified engineers use the latest technology to provide assembly excellence.

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