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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Board Assembly


Sellectronics’ Surface Mount Technology board assembly lines are powered by state-of-the-art systems capable of placing more than 75,000 components per hour.
Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board assembly involves the surface mount devices being machine picked and mounted directly onto the PCB’s surface. Thousands of electrical components are attached during this process.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Board Assembly


Soldering Quality

Our engineers guarantee the highest quality finished products by working with passive devices down to 01005 and BGA & µBGA (0.3mm). We connect the components to their contact pads using reflow soldering.

It is vital that the amount of solder paste deposited on each pad is controlled precisely. We use lead-free solder paste, with Automatic Optical Inspection at every stage, to provide optimum standards.

Supported by both Vapour Phase reflow ovens and conventional ovens, Sellectronics can solder even the most detailed and complex products to the highest possible quality. Operating 24/7, over three shifts, we have the capacity to handle even the largest product runs.


Through Hole vs Surface Mount

Before Surface Mount Technology became popular, the most common printed circuit board assembly process was through hole technology, known as THT. SMT enables high speed production and higher density circuits. Its widescale use has made through hole mounting rarer today.

It is more efficient to assemble an electronic circuit by machine when it has surface mounted components. Through hole components are notoriously laborious to fit, as they require trimming and bending, placing by hand, more trimming and hand soldering.

We work closely with our clients to achieve their end goals, using the latest technology and qualified engineers to provide quality outputs.

By listening to customers and understanding their needs, we have created our flexible electronic manufacturing service, offering bespoke solutions. Please contact us for further information on our state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology board assembly solutions.


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