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Sellectronics purchase a new Juki RS1 Pick n Place Machine

RS1-Juki PCB Production

As the business continues to grow, more equipment is needed to keep up with the ever changing market.

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new pick n place machine for SMD components, the JUKI RS1.

With placement speed up to 42,000 CPH (Optimum), and a increase in maximum board size of 650mm x 370mm, this machine will add Speed and Flexibility for High Quality production of any PCB, Fast, Smart & Modular.

Wide range of component range, the RS-1 supports components from 0201mm (008004″) up to 74mm square and 50mm x 150 mm rectangular parts for maximum flexibility. Component height is dynamic to support high-speed with a maximum component height of 25mm.

A great addition to our equipment, and capability within Sellectronics Ltd.


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